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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Saddle Pads

early attempt, back in the hot-glue-and-say-prayers days of tackmaking
Anyone who has ever asked me will tell you...I hate making saddle pads. Hate is a strong word, but it is an accurate one. I do okay with cross-stitch.
this little darling is for sale, any offers?

  ...but I don't have the best relationship with my sewing machine....

It took ALL MY PATIENCE to make these two silly things
I didn't make the saddle, just the derp bridle and pad
   So imagine my delight when I find a seller who makes LOVELY, ASTOUNDING saddle pads in brilliant colors and patterns, that I can actually justify afford.


Of course my new etchie, Spider, had to have a spiderweb pad!

The web is metallic threads...SO HANDSOME

The first pad I bought from them, looks SUPER CUTE with my favorite Western

Had to try the cutback even though Thor doesn't need it...LOVE.

She uses this awesome fleece that feels super realistic, and thoroughly stitches them.
      So go check out merryjeansdreams on ebay! The pads are a great price and super nice (and I am a notoriously picky person). I know that I will be back for more, so go buy yours before I get there first! She has a ton of Halloween stuff up right now, and lots of other great patterns, as well as some very pretty models, too!
My current collection of merryjeansdreams pads...

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